We provide the following services.

  • Sightseeing tours throughout the island
  • Airport transfers throughout the island
  • Eco and nature tours to caroni swamp, nariva swamp and asa wright nature center
  • Day tour to our sister isle of tobago (package can be arranged).
  • Customized tours to suit your needs can also be arranged.
  • Destination Management
  • All tours are conducted in large and mini buses. All buses are fully air conditioned and most are fitted with public address systems.

Click to enlargeThis tour begins with a drive through the City of Port of Spain, Trinidad’s Capital. Throughout this drive all the main points of interest are covered eg: Historical Buildings “the Magnificent Nine”, Parliament Building, Museums and Art Galleries, Botanic Gardens, President’s House etc. Stops can be requested for viewing and photography. This tour ends at the Lady Young Lookout where you will get a “panoramic view” of the city.

Duration: 21/2 hrs.

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Click to enlargeWow! What a sight! What an experience! For those of you who are true nature and eco lovers, grasp this opportunity to get a first hand view of the gigantic leatherback turtles that come ashore to deposit their eggs in a nest approximately 3 feet deep and dug in the coarse sea sand by their own fins.

Listen to the sight guide as he/she takes you through each step from digging to laying. There you are, watching breathlessly and taking in every glorious moment. As soon as she starts the laying process, the guide will allow you take photos and to also touch her. Some say it’s really awesome, others cannot find the words to describe. Some find it difficult to leave.

This tour allows you a choice of where you would like to witness this splendid scene about to be bestowed upon you by the leatherback turtle. Arrangements can be made for those of you wishing to overnight to do so at Mt. Plasir Estate situated right on the beach in Grand Riviere or for those persons just wanting a night out we can take you to Mathura. Both destinations are situated on the North East Coast. Take along your coolers. This tour is done between the months of March-August. (Nights)

Tour musts: Dark clothing (preferably) Mosquito repellant Footwear: Sneakers
Cameras & Flashlights (only to be used when told)

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Click to enlargeThis is a combined tour of Port of Spain that takes you to the Queen’s Park Savannah, known as the largest roundabout in the world. Travelling East this Tour takes you over the Lady Young Road where you can have a panoramic view of the Capital “Port of Spain”. As you continue on your journey to the Eastern Main Road for a short drive that takes you to the Town of San Juan and then into the cool Santa Cruz Valley known for its plantation and estate houses. You are taken through an area known as the “Saddle Back” after which you enter onto the North Coast Road to enjoy the coolness of the mountains of the Northern Range and taking in the serenity of the Caribbean Sea before stopping at Maracas Bay where you can savour our world famous mouth watering delicacy “Bake & Shark” (on own) before returning via the Maraval area.

Duration: 4 hrs.

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Click to enlargeWe journey along the Western Coast through the small fishing villages made famous by the Andrew Sisters with the World War 2 song “Rum & Cocoa Cola” then into Chaguaramas for a visit to the Military Museum where you would see the relics of the American Naval Station and return through ST. James known as the “City That Never Sleeps” where this tour continues to one of the most popular Tourist attractions the old British Fort “Fort George” that is perched approximately 1100 feet high to the West of Port of Spain and also commands a panoramic view in almost every direction.

Duration: 3½ hrs.

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Click to enlargeThis tour takes you on a drive along another scenic area in Trinidad, the North Coast. The leisurely drive through the lush cool tropical rain forest that provide a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea before you begin your descent to the picturesque Maracas Bay then through Las Cuevas and the journey continues through the small fishing villages of La Fillet, Yara, then to the main fishing village of Blanchisseuse on to the old Blanchisseuse road that takes you to the starting point of your Tropical Rain Forest Adventure (hike) where the main highlights focuses on the crapaud tree, the strangling fig, the very large bachac nest with millions of bachac, a lec where the male birds display themselves for the female birds then on to the petite Marianne Water Fall. If time permits we may be able to access the legendary Bois Bande tree.

Hiking shoes needed
Change of clothing/Insect repellant
Duration: 8 hrs

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Click to enlargeThe Pitch Lake is one of the wonders of the world that lies approximately 50 miles of Port of Spain on the South West Coast. This drive takes you through the central plains, the oil refinery and several small villages. On your guided tour, you will walk to the “mother of the Lake” where crude oil or bitumen seeps thru a fault line in the sandstone 250 feet below ground providing an endlessly replenishing source of asphalt. On your return thru the old road, experience a spiritual journey in Carapichaima, the heart of East Indian Culture. A drive thru on the main road where you can find puja shops, village potters, the Hanuman Murti at Waterloo, temple shrines and jhandes (colourful prayer flags) which eventually leads you to the famous historic Siewdass Sadhu Mandir in the sea and the nearby Isaac Yankaran Cremation site. The Hanuman Murti, the largest outside of India was a gift from the Swami. It is his hope that the spirit of Hanuman will bring peace to all who visit. Next step takes you to an old family owned pottery shop where you can observe simple but effective pottery production before passing through the busy Borough of Chaguanas to see Vidia S. Naipaul’s house.

Duration: 8 hrs.

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Click to enlargeThe second largest wetland in the Island is the home of our national treasure the Scarlet Ibis. The shellfish diet of the Ibis is responsible for its brilliant red plumage. A population of 12000 to 15000 can be viewed during the peak season of October to March. Located near the Gulf of Paria its 5611 hectares comprise freshwater marshes, brackish mangrove forests, lagoons, natural and artificial channels and mudflats. The wide range of habitats harbours an interesting group of fauna especially bird species (approx. 190) but includes 24 species of fin-fish, the cascabel (Cook’s tree boa), caiman, silky anteater, oysters and various crabs of commercial and ecological value. The large flat-bottomed boat passes through mangroves until reaching the open lagoon. The peacefulness and stillness is serene and striking. You can see egrets, herons and many other swamp inhabitants. Our main attraction is the brightly coloured Scarlet Ibis, our National Bird. Whether you come to bird watch, simply relax or enjoy the picturesque, romantic sunset of the Caroni Swamp you can be assured that you will be provided with a premier eco wetland experience.

Duration: 4 hrs

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Click to enlargeIn 1912, three Dutch Monks arrived from Bahia, Brazil fleeing religious prosection. They settled on the mountain range above the Old Spanish Capital of St. Joseph. With great visions and hard work their humble beginnings from a rather primitive ajoupa developed into what we call today The Mount, which is the oldest and largest Benedictine Settlement in the Caribbean, a place of national interest, a place you must see. Rich in fauna 140 species of birds, 17 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles and numerous butterflies, insects and plants, all yours to discover at Mount Saint Benedict.

Duration: 2½ hrs.

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Click to enlargeYou must journey to tropical splendour at its best in the east. Yes, it’s Asa Wright Nature Center situated in the hills of Arima. It’s a must for nature and bird lovers with a drive through the lush rain forest with evergreen tropical vegetation, soothing to both eyes and mind. On arrival at the old plantation house, relax at the verandah and bird watch from right there or go on an easy trail and enjoy nature at its best with the resident knowledgeable tour guide. If you love nature, then this is the ideal tour for you. The center also offers a sumptuous buffet lunch.

Duration: Without lunch 5 hrs
With lunch 6 hrs

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Click to enlargeToday, we visit and boast of the largest internationally recognized wetland in the Caribbean. This is the wonderful, hypnotic and peaceful part of Trinidad called the “Nariva Swamp”. This protected area is approx. 3840 acres or 1554 hectares. Inside and on the funges of the wetland is the peninsula known as the “Bush Bush Sanctuary”. This is where we will be heading from your Limeland Base. Breathing Nariva Swamp is investigated in a small, motorized boat. The wetland flora and fauna are unique and beautiful. Nariva is the best place in Trinidad and Tobago to view the Red-Bellied Macaw darting from the palm treetops. The comical, almost clock-work flight of the yellow-headed parrots and their chatters are guaranteed to be seen and heard. Now rare, Nariva Swamp boasts of the grazing, giant aquatic mammals known as the Manatee. The Manatee is fiercely protected in Trinidad. The pinaccle of the tour involves getting out of the boat and walking an allotted trail where we can safely and respectfully view the Red Howler Monkeys. If we are quiet and lucky we may see the white fronted Weeping Capuchin monkey – a species only to be seen in this unique preserve of Trinidad and Tobago. Tropical butterflies, large apple snails and local medicinal plants are to be admired within this special place. The largest snake in the world “the Anaconda” is here, rarely encountered and very shy. Blue and Yellow macaws, Amazonian parrots, raptors, kingfishers, whistling ducks, hummingbirds, limpkins, vultures, red-breasted blackbirds…in fact 34 families representing 171 bird species in all. GREAT FOR BIRDERS!

Tour Musts: Sturdy Footwear/Insect Repellant
Duration: 8 hrs

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Click to enlargeAs you leave Port of Spain and proceed east along the highway to Asa wright Nature Center, a beautifully restorated colonial style plantation house situated 360 meters up in the Nothern Range. This drives is approximately 1½ hours. Arrive at the center where from the famous large verandah we can see an amazing variety of birds at very close range or you can enjoy the guided tour that takes you on a walk to explore one of the trails (easy walk). After leaving Asa Wright you proceed slowly along the North Coastal Route and enjoy the serenity, beauty and tranquility of our nature, flora and fauna while passing through the rural villages and beaches like La Fillette, Las Cuevas, Tyrico and Maracas. Scheduled stops can be made at Blanchisseuse and also at Maracas Bay for a short swim.

Duration: 8 hrs

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Click to enlargeHola! The route to Maracas Beach takes you along the scenic North Coast Road where you enjoy the leisurely drive through the lush cool tropical rain forest wondering what’s waiting ahead as you lavishly take in the panoramic view of the picturesque Caribbean Sea before making your final stop at Maracas Bay. Goodness! Choose to relax, unwind but most of all enjoy your swim (2 hrs) in the warm and ever soothing waters before enjoying our world famous “bake & shark” ( on own) freshly prepared before your very eyes.

Duration: 4 hrs

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Click to enlargeLopinot is a rural village situated in a valley. The village was named after a Frenchman Compte Josef de Lopinot de La Fresilliere who came to Trinidad in the 1800ís. He contributed to the development of cocoa production in Trinidad. Today, it is said that his ghost appears on stormy nights riding his horse. Part of his plantation complex has been preserved and now houses a small museum. Lopinot is a very popular, historic and recreation site for hiking, sightseeing and riverbathing. Lopinot is also famous for its Parang or Parranda, the traditional music of a Trinidad Christmas. Visit the Lopinot Historical Complex and learn all about Count Lopinot, his family and 100 slaves.

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